angelicadvocate asked - "Your poetry captures essence so deep that it's mesmerizing! Thank you for sharing such wonderful talent with us all! Thank you for the heart bombs,as well!! Keep up the splendid writing!"

Thank you, for the wonderful compliment, and the follow!!! I look forward to reading more of your poetry and seeing more art, I love the lotus sketch!!!

Charcoal grey
Streamers twisting
Through strings
Of cumulonimbus
Shafts of gold
Piercing through
Random bits
Of traffic
As we slowly
Get closer
To home

Summer doesn’t
Want to
Let go
She is gripping
Fall in
Skeleton fingers
Bursting out of
Cold fronts with
Unseasonable breezes
Sunshine dripping
Through kamikaze
Leaf storms

mistresssexy asked - "Love your writing! You have a new follower.. :-) 😙, ~Tress"

Thank you, for the compliment, and the follow! =) 😗 ~Cyndi

Death sweeps
Through tree tops

Setting sleepy
Leaf hearts

A final inferno
Of gold
And garnet

Precedes the

Tracing cryptic
In the wind


You have to
Feed the flame
With half-forgotten
Dreams, and tiny
Bits of being.
Breathe deep,
Let the energy
Fill your lungs,
And release.
Watch the fire
Grow, refractions
Spinning through

Take this gift
a captive kiss
waiting years
for your lips.
Peel away
earthly layers
of dust and
blended rayon.
Let me lie
in the light
from your eyes.

braveheartswhisper asked - "And muchas gracias for the awesome heart bomb!!!;) xo"

De nada, lovely!! Xox

Inbox overflowing

Have you heard the news?

We are running

Behind in the polls

We must accrue

Thirty-thousand more

By midnight tonight

Or we have had it

Please chip in

So we can stop

This fascist

Mind control


The cacophonies
Of daily living
Are making
A mess of me
Barking dogs
Sirens wail
Constant caterwaul
Sinking sharp
Claws in
To my brain
Tearing bits
Of sanity away

Moonlit ribbons
Trailing down
Through shifting leaves
Lonely crickets
Singing thready
The stars are
Hiding their
Faces again
As I slip
Closer and closer
To dreams

Break me open
So that
I can breathe
Feel reality
Inside of me
Sculpt me
In to a
Of swollen lips
Trembling thighs
Touseled hair
And glowing eyes

braveheartswhisper asked - "Hi gorgeous;)😍"

Well, hello, lovely! 😍

The moon
Hardly touches
Her lover, languishing
Always waiting, for a kiss of

There’s blood on the moon
Fiery sentinel shining
Curious omens