Anonymous asked - "You spelled inevitable wrong, idiot."

These things happen, at the end of an eighteen hour day, spent homeschooling a special needs child. My apologies for offending your sensibilities with my hideous spelling, and congratulations on being my very first troll!

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Name: Cynthia

Nickname: Cyndi, Cyn, Cyndi-Lu-Who?

Birthday: May 2nd

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5’5 3/4”

Timezone: Mountain

What time and date is it there? 11:00 pm September 30th

Average hours of sleep I get every night: Extremely variable, I try to get at least six, but would really love to get more. A mothers’ work is never done.

Most commonly used phrase: I know, right!

First word that came to mind: Unicorn

What I last said to a family member: I love you, sweet dreams, goodnight, sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs sneak up and bite you!

One place that makes me happy and why: A little cemetery on the edge of town, it is so beautiful, and peaceful, and so close to town. I have amazing memories there, wasting the afternoon with my best friend, or my dog, or just daydreaming by myself.

How many blankets do I sleep under? Never more than two, and then, only if I’m freezing.

What do I find attractive in the opposite sex? Intelligence, humor, interesting conversation. Kindness for those who can never repay it. And if I’m being really honest, I like a boy who is really skinny and really geeky. Glasses are sexy, too.

Three things I can’t live without: Poetry, mochas, the people I love (family, friends, pets.)

Something I plan on learning: How to play bass, the best way to write a novel, how to be a more loving person, as much as I can, about almost everything!!!

A piece of advice for my followers/friends: Appreciate what you have, and who you are. Laugh loud, cry hard, and always be ready to learn something new. Make every ordinary day a unique adventure.

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The way I
Love this
Pen is
I just
Want to
Hold it
Write all
Of the pain
Every string
Of syllables
Is therapy

I suppose it is
Love, like every thing
Will be in
The last place
I look
I will be
Looking for
Something to read
Beyond caring
If anyone
Is looking at me

I wish these leaves
Would hurry up
And coat the ground
So that I can see
The sky
Stretched out
Across the valley
Stars twinkling
Moon transmitting
Secret messages
Through the branches
Of skeleton trees

Thank you for the blue, kind editor! And thank you all for reading along, and for the heart bombs and reblogs! I am off, to host poetry workshops at the library, for 100 Thousand Poets For Change! I hope you all have a fabulous day!! 💜

Keep your garden full
Of dreams and heirloom flowers
Vegetables and herbs
Nourish your soul by growing
A wonderland of your own

The trees
Are breaking
To pieces
And falling
From the sky
While the wind
Sings tempestuous
Tears shine
Like star light
At the corners
Of my eyes

Plant a tree today
Grow yourself a legacy
That will heal the earth

One word
Can create change
Cause a ripple effect
Drive the collective consciousness
Just one

These leaves
Can show us
How it’s done
They know
How to
Show their
True colors
How to
Let go
Of sorrows past
And find
The next
They never seem
To lose faith
In tomorrow

The psychiatrist
Told me
Stop trying
To quantify
Every raised hand
Every stolen shred
Of innocence, but
I feel like
Owning it
Puts me in
Control again

I was four years old
The first time
Somebody told me
To keep my mouth shut
Because it was
All my fault
Yeah, I was totally
Asking for it
With those
Crooked ponytails
Playing in my
Front yard
In paisley leggings
And a flowered

The Lady emerges
From the forest
Her dress hangs
In tatters
Autumns legacy
Tangled up in
Golden curls
Eyes dancing
With gaiety
Feet bare
Smile shining out
Powerful as
Changing seasons

songofanothersummer asked - "Thanks for the heart bombs! And for answering my question regarding spooky stories. I really loved Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher but have not read much of Hawthorne (aside from The Scarlet Letter) but do you have any suggestions on which stories of his to start with? Thanks again!"

You’re welcome!! Hawthornes’ The Chimaera, is not terribly scary, but it is gorgeous, I think you would really enjoy it. And I found this for you as well. It has some great horror stories from classic authors. Hope that helps!!