Towering clouds
Like echoes
Of the mountains
Ring around
The valley
The sun
Shines down
On the city
Like I’m driving
Through a
Faerie tale
Right up to
My garden gate

I adore
The way
You don’t say
The word orc
In my
That you
My deep
And abiding
Hatred for them
As fierce
As it is

Thank you, kind editor, for the feature! You made my day! πŸ’œ

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The leaves
Are dancing
With me
In this
Late summer
We spin
And shiver
In synchronized

Quit making me
Love you
You clever boy
You’re already
More dangerous
Than anyone
Else I know

Main Street

I love
The way
Your voice
Rolls over
My senses
And just
A bit nervous
As I shift
My feet
And our
Eyes meet
Then break
I don’t even
Know what
I’m saying
I just love
The way
Light plays
Your face
When cars
Pass by
The way
Your smile
Changes shape
As it reaches
Your eyes
And I
Don’t want to
Say good-bye

Thank you, as always, to everyone who is reading along and sharing their work with me, I appreciate you all so much!!! Special thanks to azukilynn digitalspell wistfulmuse and adventuresinmyownbackyard for being my biggest fans today and to ghostsista mermaidsbite lilrowboat and aubriestar for being my biggest fans this month, you guys rock!! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, I have a lot going on, going to court with my ex for child support as a defendant, because I didn’t sue him first. Trying to find a school for my son, who I pulled out of school because a teachers aide grabbed him and drug him across the floor. It has to be a school with an extended resource room, because my son has autism and pervasive developmental delays. Plus miles of paperwork and the constant strain of always being poor, because I am so crazy that I have stayed home with my son because he needs me even though I can’t afford to. And a few more worries that are not mine to share.
Whew, so thank you, from the bottom of my cluttered heart, to everyone who has stuck with me even though I am only about halfway here!!!! You are the best!!!!

All these
Secret worries
Lined up, winding
Through my
Ready to tip
At the slightest bit
Of turbulence
I have forty-three
Cents to my name
And as many things
To celebrate
As there are
Preying on my
Mind tonight
All dressed-up
And nowhere
To fly away to

Thank You! You Give My Words Life!


So much gratitude to top fans/followers! You guys are really bolstering my spirits with writing, and giving me such sweet and encouraging words. I appreciate it… more than you know. Everyone hits a lull once in awhile. I’m in that right now, but mostly because I’m so happy. I decided I’ll write…

Aw, you are an inspiration to me too, my dear! πŸ’œ

This lightning storm
Is what fireworks
Want to be
When they grow up
Tearing the clouds
Borrowing bits of
Refracted color
From this
Summer sky
An extraordinary
Display of
Beauty and fury

Like Stage Fright

When I think
About texting you
My palms sweat
And my heart
Knocks around
The inside
Of my chest
A few simple words
Start to feel
Like the most
Thing I have
Ever written
Like I really
Need this
To be epic
I just keep
And closing
My contacts

The smoke crept
Over the valley
In the night
On the heels of
A lightning strike
The blazing hills
Set the moon
On fire
It isn’t safe
To go outside

Fire Season

Summer is
Stretched taut
Across the valley
Sooner than
I thought
She would be
Heat shimmers
Tempers flare
Coyote energy
Dances around
The fire with me
Slipping in
And out of
Shadows easily
Spiraling on
Wisps of smoke
That cling
To every inch
Of me
In my clothes
Seeping in to
Skin beneath

I walk through dreams
These past few weeks
No escaping
This wicked heat
My consciousness
Abandoned me
She ran off with
My sanity
Now everything
Is so surreal

I Could Sleep For Weeks

Rubbing tired eyes
I know you’ll be in my dreams
Where we always meet